What Do We Offer

We offer following services to other organizations, NGOs, voluntary organizations in the states where we are present:

Consultancy Services 

on developing health education and advocacy campaigns, education and training material for such campaigns, development of media campaigns, setting up of work place wellness projects, organizing health and medical camps, legal consultancy on women’s issues etc.

Educations Services  

We offer tools, materials and resource persons for organizing activities related to health education and education campaigns on violence against women.

Counseling Services 

We offer trained personal for counseling on health matters, mental health and legal issues related to violence against women and elderly persons.

Medical and Health Camps  

We offer resources persons for undertaking medical and health camps related to adolescent health, ORAL HEALTH , life style diseases, mental disorders, substance use disorders, women’s health etc.


we are open to collaborate with other NGOs, organizations, voluntary organizations in undertaking any of the activities listed above.